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Member Projects

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Ewing's 931 Frank's Carrera Convertible 924 LJ's 931

Many of the members have major or minor projects going which they are willing to share with us all. If you have a modification that you have completed or contemplate please share it with the group.

Ward's 937 ReplicaWard Powell has just submitted a series of pictures of the work he's almost completed on his 1980 ROW 931






This 1980 Turbo has evolved from a parts car (for a 924) to a restoration project to a track car! Like all projects it's about a year behind planned schedule.


David Ewing is well along in updating the 931 with state-of-the-art injection and ignition. David is doing the hard design for us!

Frank's 937 ReplicaDavid Frank is building a Carrera GT Replica. He decided to use a front mounted intercooler location as on the 944Turbo.

Rob 'Bodyshop' Johnson just can't leave will enough alone! Two of his creations are the 924 convertible and a svelte 924 using Audi bumpers to achieve the 'European' look; and then some!

Take a look at a fine Swedish project: http://www.algonet.se/~flygarn/