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924 Garage Downloads

24 December 2006 12:46 PM


This section contains links to various downloadable files that may be of interest, but don't necessarily fit elsewhere... starting with track data sheets from PUB Racing, transmission selection Excel files, etc. Feel free to submit other files you've created or come across that you think may be of use to others.

Vaughan Scott



924.ORG link banner

924.ORG Windows Screensaver - Finally here, programmed by Teo. May not work on all systems; please let Teo know if you're having trouble with it.

924.ORG Picture Pack - Zip file of 924 photos for use with the above, or for your own viewing pleasure.

924 Wallpaper - The 'X-ray' 924. Only thing on this page is a BIG picture. About 500K. 'Save As' for you viewing pleasure.

Corner-weighting spreadsheet - The best spreadsheet I've found yet to simplify corner-weighting

Track Data Sheet - A good data sheet for recording lap times, tire temps, and other relevant data when at the track

Track Packing List - It's always good to have a packing list when you're always heading to the track with a lot of gear; it's too easy to forget the one tool you'll need later.

Transmission Ratios - Jon McCullough's excellent chart listing gear ratios and calculated road speeds for all the 924/944 transmissions. I've added the gearing for the snailshell transmission, and a gear selection chart!

924 Garage FAQ - available for download in PDF format.

Side view and 3/4 front view line drawings of the 924 - These are B+W outline drawings of the 924, with the correct proportions (as they were lifted off of actual photos), useful for planning out a paint scheme for a racecar - see if that striping really will look good!