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The 924 Community

Rennlist  The Mother of All Porsche Lists. The main site with all the links.
The Founders Region - Potomac Hey, what can I say. The absolute number one best PCA region site on the web. Dynamite 924 model expert. (Handsum, swavy, deboner)
The European Transaxle Community (Germany)
The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (UK)
Porscheworld.co.uk (UK)
Steve's (UK) Porsche Pages http://www.rosehome.co.uk/
The French 924 Club http://www.multimania.com/toussain/924site

Parts Sources

Pelican Parts a nice site in the making. Couple of 924 pics in the Monterey group.
Performance Products Like Tweeks, a very comprehensive supplier of nearly everything you'd likely need to restore your 924. Also like Tweeks, a lot of the more common items can be found for less at smaller places. However, if it's obscure, these guys may be your only choice outside the dealer.
Paragon Products An excellent source for performance parts, in particular for the chassis; also plenty of inexpensive, common replacements parts. If you don't see it, call!
EBS Racing All sorts of OEM parts, particularly engine and trans. 924 experts on-hand, they know these cars well.
KLA Industries Mostly a 944 specialist, with plenty of unique parts that carry over to our cars
OG Racing Great supplier of track and racing parts in Virginia, with quite a few Porsche-specific parts. Excellent cages.
Pegasus Racing Supplier of all things racing to the road-racing crowd. Not the cheapest, but not bad, and if they don't sell it, chances are you don't need it!
Racer Wholesale/Racer Parts Wholesale  Why have the car if you don't run drivers ed? Racer Parts Wholesale has parts galore, very inexpensive, and Racer Wholesale has all the safety gear.
Intersport If you are in the DC area Charlie Murphy understands  early 924.
Fabory USA Metric Fasteners if you have trouble finding the needed metric hardware in your area.
CB Performance CBP sells VW disc brake conversions that might be adaptable to the 924 rear drums. However, all said and done, it appears that just doing the 944 or 931 conversion is easier and more effective.
NOPI only place that still lists Weber stuff for the 924 in their ads. Have no idea if they actually have any.
PAECO Industries All kinds of performance parts for obscure cars... like 924's!
Hirsch Auto 924s are old enough that rebuilding becomes restoration. Hirsch is a restoration supplies company.
Crutchfield Car Audio Old cars have old radios. And some of the replacement installations I have seen leave something to be desired. Not to mention that old Blaupunkt could probably be improved upon with a nice Sony, Kenwood or Panasonic w SuperTuner.
J.C. Whitney Remember building a virtual Model A with the old catalog? Some of it was junk but those rumble seat hinges worked fine! I was going to delete this link, then I found the plating kits. Been looking for those. Maybe I can plate the duplexer and get the loss down a few db ..--..
The Eastwood Company Paint that will stick to anything and powder coat kits should you want to get fancy.
High Performance House, 2431 Spring St. Redwood City, CA. 94063. Rich Bontempi says they have just recently parted out six 931's. Most are 79 and 80 but he thinks there may have been an 81. They have been in business for 23 years. His phone is (650) 364-6234 and e-mail is HPHPORSCHE@aol.com
All European Auto Supply Vaughan's favorite supplier. Try 'em.
www.clubautosport.co.uk body kits
http://www.allporsche.com body kits
http://www.gt-racing.com body kits

Additional Porsche 924 sites on the net

http://home.wxs.nl/~Wengelsm/home.html - Armand's 942/944 Garage in Holland
http://www.come.to/924.org - Jon McCullough (AppleBit) 924 Tricks 'n Mods

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The 911T Registry, run by the nicest people.
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