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Transaxle Applications
  76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88
USA 924 088/6
(YR) 4spd
(XT) 4spd
(VB) 5spd
(VR) (MF)
Euro 924 088/6
(YR) 4spd
(VQ) (MD) (4Q)
(VA) 5spd
USA Turbo   G31/02 016G
(MB) (6Q)
Euro Turbo   G31/01  
USA 924S   016J
(QK) (7Q)
Euro 924S   016J
(QK) (7Q)
USA 944   016K
(QM) (8Q) (5S) (7V)
(5Y) (5Z)
Euro 944   016J
(QK) (7Q)

Transaxle designations vary slightly from the Haynes manual. Designations are taken from the Technical Specifications booklets for the 924 (WKD 423 420) and 944 (WKD 423 320). Additional reference checking was made with the 924 Service Information manuals for 78 (WKD 458 421), 79 (WKD 458 621), and 81 (WKD 450 021). The major difference from the Haynes listing is the use of country specific designations. Most of the transaxles have a US spec 'twin' to the Euro unit. Haynes, and common discussion, usually make use of the basic Euro designation. Usually the difference is in the final overall gear ratio which was generally adjusted for US cars to give better gas mileage (emissions) and lower noise.

Even using the references together, ambiguities remain. If your car is different (and you are sure it is the original OEM unit) please share that information with me, Webmeister. Include the VIN and transaxle designation.

The 088/6 and 088/A are 4 speed transmissions based on the Audi; gearset behind the differential. The 016/9 and 016/8 are 5 speed units made by lengthening the 088 Audi. The 016G is a stronger version for the US 924 Turbo (from 81 on). The basic stronger 016G carried into the 016K and 016J for the 924S and 944.

The 016/Y and 016/Z are US and Euro spec versions of a Porsche transaxle identified by the gearset in front of the differential, and the shift pattern. Reverse gear is at the left front and 1st gear at the left rear. Sometimes called a 'snailshell'. The 31/02, 31/01, and 31/03 are stronger versions used in the early US Turbo, Euro Turbo and Carrera GT.

All 924 have small diameter input shafts, 20mm, and matching driveshafts. The 924 Turbo and all others have larger 25mm input shafts and driveshafts. So the answer to the question is: yes. But it may be more trouble than you want to take so just get yours rebuilt or find another. Besides, the transmission shafts and driveshafts are not the weak link except for you drag-racers.