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Yes Virginia. There IS an 'S'

by Jeaneatte Ahlgren

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'Arnold' 1979  Porsche 931S

It seems that every year that Porsche has made a car there was an "S" package for it. A lot of times, the very next year, that "S" package would become "standard." Always improving the car, and allowing a few of the lucky to be the first on the block with the "HOT" new set up is "very Porsche." Hence, the "S" 1979 924's, and the "S" 1980 924 Turbo's

In 1979 THE 924 to buy was the 924"S", or full factory M471 sport option. This gave you the chassis of the 931 (924 Turbo) a "silly" but very obvious .8" wider track, the brakes, the sway bars, stiffer springs (rated with two green dots) and (red) Koni shock absorbers, and the turbo rear spoiler. We have a "S" optioned '79 that has four bolt (6X15") spiders, with 4 cm wide rear drum brake shoes as opposed to the regular 3 cm brake drum shoes. I have seen one other that was also shod this way, but this was not the norm, as most of the 931's were the five lug/all disc brake cars.  Accordingly, most of the '79 924"S"s came with five lug (6X15") spider mags and the four wheel disc brake systems. Car's with the 15" wheels tracked 20 mm wider in the rear, thanks to wheel spacers.

In 1980 the 931's already fast already extremely elegant handling at high speeds, became more so with the "S" M471 package. This included stiffer yet springs, (yellow) Konis, (adjustable shocks in the rear, factory set for the front), 6X16" flat dish style forged Fuchs with an anodized finish, 205/55 Pirelli P7's, 11.1" 911 SC ventilated disk/ 928 calipered all around brakes, larger sway bars (23 mm front and 14 mm rear), 22.4:1 steering ratio rather than the 19.2:1 for the same four turns, but a larger turning circle of 31.2 ft., and a smaller diameter four spoke leather wrapped steering wheel.

The "S" hood decal was something that Porsche AG placed on the first three months of '80 US spec factory M471 optioned 931's AND 924's. After that, it was deleted from the "S" package. You COULD order it as a "side dish" IF you got the FULL "S" package for your 931 or your 924 up until '82

Personally, the "S" hood decal is a great story. I had heard about, and read about the decal. Indeed, I had seen a blistering 931 in action in Crescent City, CA, months before buying mine that sported the same decal. BUT ... everyone that I talked to, including the e-mail from Porsche AG flatly denying any such decal, made it clear that it was "Aftermarket". That was until Joe Schnieder, then PCA 924-944 Tech, found the four "M471 1980 924 Turbo 'S' hood decal" FACTORY numbers. Porsche NA was sent a photo of the decal (now on file) and in return sent me a car care package.

The best way to find out whether or not your '79 924NA is an "S", is to call PCNA, and ask them to look up the VIN for your car. At that time, you can also wrangle out the rest of the options, such as the touring package, which included the electric mirrors, and windows, leather trimmed interior, "premium" Panasonic stereo, rear wiper, and sunroof.....  But that's another story!

There are FOUR numbers for this decal.....it takes two sides to make the S, and depending on the color of your car, you buy dark or light, (DUH!)

Passenger side;
                       477.853.666 (LIGHT)
                       477.853.666A (DARK)

Driver side;
                       477.853.665 (LIGHT)
                       477.853.665A (DARK)

The price that I paid for each side in 1993 was $177.85.

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